May Madness

Hot off the press! The Didmarton Bluegrass Festival committee have all caught May Madness! That’s right, the crazy madness that makes people give things away has struck the committee. How can you help I hear you cry? Well it’s very simple, all you have to do is purchase a bargain priced Early Bird Full Weekend Ticket before the end of May and you will be entered into a prize draw. All Early Bird ticket sales to date have automatically been included in the draw too! If your name is drawn after the month is up, you will win another full weekend ticket to give to a friend, plus £100 spending money and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Didmarton being back! Plus, the Didmarton committee get cured of the May Madness that’s caught them unawares, it’s a win-win situation! Please help save your festival committee from this madness and buy your Early Bird tickets now! 😀