Without the help of volunteers Didmarton cannot run smoothly and we have an extensive team of stewards who help us manage the event every year. For the most part, stewards are often in the front line and carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Many of our visitors will comment favourably if they have been well looked after by our stewarding team, so, it’s not a job to be taken lightly!

Types of Duty

The principle duties required from volunteers are as follows:

  • Ticket Office duties (selling tickets and dealing with advance tickets, must be used to handling cash)
  • Traffic Management (General parking, controlling traffic at the main entrance, etc)
  • Concert Stewarding (door stewards, checking tickets, etc)
  • Back Stage security
  • General duties (cleaning, litter pickers, etc)

The form has a section to enter special skills and we are interested in knowing as much about you as possible to allocate you to a suitable duty.


You will normally be expected to work up to two shifts each day. It is unlikely you will be required to work for more than 4 hours in any day which leaves you plenty of free time to enjoy the festival. This may sound like hard work, but most people enjoy their stints on duty and feel more involved with the event. The longer you can commit to being at the event, the more spread out your shifts will be and the more spare time you are likely to get during the peak days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There are a few rules we have to apply:

    • We cannot schedule shift allocations to take account of the programming of concerts or specific bands.
    • We’ll do our best to ensure couples are allocated duties at the same times, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible on every occasion. Please indicate on your form if you are stewarding with a partner.
    • The form has a table to indicate your availability. Please make sure you state the time at which you are ready to start work and the time at which you wish to finish your last duty. If you plan to arrive on site at 08:00am, please allow yourself time to set up camp and settle in. We will prioritise applications from people who are flexible with their working times.
    • Please respond promptly to correspondence from the Stewards Coordinator or Steward supervisors. We have over sixty individuals to allocate work to and we need to confirm your availability as soon as possible. If you are not sure you can volunteer, say so and we can add you to the reserve list. You may well still be recruited to act as a standby for no shows, etc.
  • If you’re unable to attend and carry out your duties due to illness or other circumstances outside of your control, please let the Steward Supervisors know at once. It only takes four or five people to not turn up to cause a problem with alternative cover.

The Deal

In exchange for your efforts you will be provided with free weekend and camping passes for the duration of the festival and our undying gratitude!

Please note all applications for stewarding must be submitted on the appropriate form, which you can download via the links below.

Apply to be a volunteer

If you would like to offer your services as a volunteer for the next festival, or would like to know more about what stewarding involves, please download the Stewards form and send it to our Stewards coordinator.

 Right Click on the image/links below and choose ‘Save Link As’, to download the application form in your chosen format, or use this online form:

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